Coal & Petroleum Coke

Petroleum Coke

As we all know, Petroleum Coke is a by-product of the Oil refining process. The refineries in the USA and Canada seek to operate more efficiently and extract more fuels from each barrel of crude oil, a solid Carbon material known as PetCoke is produced. Today DevBond has direct access to millions of tons available to its name to offer our customers.

The chemical characteristics of PetCoke are a function of the crude oil and refining technology. Physically PetCoke can resemble small sponges, ranging in various sizes, Chemically, petcoke can include a variety of elements and metals in a wide range of concentrations. Depending on these physical and chemical characteristics, petcoke is typically used in either an energy application, as a source of high BTU’s or in an industrial application, as a source of carbon. DevBond USA will soon be introducing a whole new green technologies to PetCoke and Coal industry. Please contact us for the direct inquiries minimum 40K and up on a Contract basis only.


DevBond offers good quality low sulfur Coal from USA and Canada also offers Met Coal and Anthracite Coal as well to its special customers around the world. Please contact your sales managers or call to make an appointment to talk about your needs. All Sales are set FOB only with minimum 50K and up on a contract basis only. Thank you.