Ultra Nano Clean Products by DevBond USA

The New level of Surface Cleaning and Protection from COVID 19 and More!

On this Pandemic you can provide an extra level of defense to your patients, customers, students, employees, and to your family by spray coating all surfaces with our one of a kind Non-Toxic Surface Spray Ultra Clean Protectant. With no harsh fumes, an eco-friendly formula and extreme surface versatility, Ultra Clean Surface Protectant can be freely sprayed in areas containing people and multiple surface types to fight against CORONA and other viruses.

You can spray and wipe with UltraNanoClean targeted surfaces or mist an entire cabin or rooms; application is very easy. You can kill these virus and bacteria where they lurk and you can guard against recontamination.

UltraNanoClean Surface Protectant is a collaborative effort between material scientists, chemists, inventors, business experts and industry specialists, formed to create an array of incredibly efficacious antimicrobial products that stray far and away from today’s standard, chemical-heavy and toxic counterparts.

By combining two similar yet different surface protectant technologies, both with deep histories of novel antimicrobial action, we were able to isolate and combine the best methodologies and attributes from each, resulting in explosive advancements and a super-powered product line. We are now offering the Ultra Clean Surface Protectant to our customers.

Standing fast to our clean, green & non-toxic commitment, we have been able to create a revolutionary water-based disinfectants and protectants, with a combined efficacy on over 140 infectious microbes and effective against CORONAVIRUS. UltraNanoClean Surface protectants carry the lowest toxicity ratings available in the market, which are considered safe for humans and pets.​

UltraNanoClean protectants have been specially formulated for use on skin, fabrics, surfaces and plants.  These products are easy to use and while remaining active and in place on surfaces for hours, days or even weeks (depending on product and application method).

DevBond with UltraNanoClean Product lines aim to serve our customers with the ability to protect themselves from contaminates, viruses before they’re ever exposed, and to empower them to protect people with UltraNanoClean – even at a large scale.

We are actively serving the healthcare Clinics, Hospitals, Airlines, Air ports, Ships, Cruise lines, Terminals, ports, Sports arenas, Schools, Hotels and Motels, Restaurants, Buses, Trains, Metro areas, Factories, offices, houses, and medicinal markets and more.

UltraNanoClean product formula is different, all products contain a unique array of mineral particles that have been suspended in an eco-friendly, water-based solution. Through an intensive series of patent-protected processes, the minerals are refined and combined with supportive ingredients to amplify efficacy and target specific surfaces. As the wet product dries on a target surfaces, a jagged and deadly crystalline barrier will be formed, bonded and locked in place to fight against any bacteria or viruses.

Electrostatic attraction comes in to play for microbes approaching any surface. How strongly a microbe is drawn and attached to a surface is influenced by the force of the attraction [or repulsion] between the two. Through Ultra Cleans proprietary process of mechanical manipulation during production, the crystalline  surface barrier carries a natural electrical charge. This charge is enhanced when applied via an electrostatic applicator, further intensifying the attraction between approaching pathogenic microbes and the treated antimicrobial surface; resulting in certain [microbe] death.

UltraNanoClean can reduce infection rates in clinics and hospitals through non-toxic & lasting antimicrobial protection. Unlike traditional cleaners and disinfectants, UltraNanoClean stays working in place for extended periods of time. UltraNanoClean achieves premium protection without harsh chemicals, odors or risk of surface degradation.

Achieve the platinum standard in hospitality cleanliness by treating all surfaces & textiles with Ultra Clean products. With superior protection & no unpleasant odors, rooms, suites, conference facilities and more can be quickly treated during turnover. Our versatile product suite cleans and offers long lasting protection on glass, fixtures, wood & floors.

The non-toxic & fragrance free UltraNanoClean product line is the ultimate choice in protection for the home. With a lasting yet streak-free finish, it’s the perfect choice for fixtures, counters, windows, glass, ceramics and more. Protects all surfaces in your home against bacteria, mold & mildew for days, weeks or months at a time.

Schools, airline cabins, train stations, libraries and other common publicly shared spaces are under constant attack by pathogenic microbes. By coating with Ultra Clean surfaces can be negated as suitable breeding grounds for bacteria, causing a significant reduction in opportunities for cross-contamination.

Treat personal kit, team equipment, locker rooms, common facilities, and even artificial turf with the Ultra Clean product suite to safeguard athletes and fans. Eliminate unpleasant odors while protecting your athletes against infection particularly MRSA or CORONAVIRUS with the most elite form of antimicrobial available in the world. Simply be safe with UltraNanoClean Products and protect yourself and your customers.

Please call or email us Alper@DevBondUSA.com or contact your sales managers to get things started for your company.

UltraClean Hand Sanitizer by DevBondUSA

When COVID 19 Hit a Pandemic level around the world, people became more concern about anything that can affect their daily lives. DevBond’s Ultra Clean Hand Sanitizers are FDA and EPA registered products to protect your well being. We all know germs are everywhere in public and private spaces surrounding us.  Every grocery cart, doorknob, elevator button, subway handle, restroom door and just about every surface you can think of can serve as a reservoir for harboring pathogenic microorganisms. Simple & quick contact with surfaces or skin interactions can facilitate the transfer of germs from one surface to another. As CDC and all the Doctors are recommending; Take control of your health and reduce your risk of contamination by coating your hands with Ultra Clean Hand Sanitizer. We can offer this product in various sizes, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon barrels to 330 gallon totes. Please contact our sales team to get your orders started today.