At DevBond USA on our Platform, we have a diverse portfolio, including banks, financial institutions, capital markets, private equity & venture capital firms, energy companies, real estate firms, specialty finance companies. 

All team members at DevBond USA Platform are committed to pursuing targeted results for clients by conducting in-depth fundamental research and advanced quantitative analysis, along with leveraging our long-term global partnerships. Additionally, we also give you access to our well-established PPP trading platform. This platform is designed exclusively to create capital funding vehicles. We aim to create solid and result-driven partnership arrangements that are aligned with your interests and goals. Minimum Investment is $100 Million USD and up but we go above and beyond to realize your weekly or monthly financial goals. 

At DevBond USA, we take pride in our team who strategically arrange funds for our clients, while minimizing risk. Our approach focuses on tapping into the industry experience of our global consultants scattered in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America and our associates, including major investment groups and independent hedge funds, to find the most effective and suitable solutions to your needs. Simply stated, we can help you with the steps for project financing and risk mitigation. Our team helps you achieve successful financial success by reaching out to the right people for financing, such as finance companies, venture capitalists, private equity investors, and investment banks. We are committed to serving the unique business needs of the private equity industry. 

If you have needs for corporate bank instruments purchase (SBLC) for international project funding or any business deal pending in hand and your BANK reject to fund, DevBond USA can help you fund your project or close your business deal within time frame – monetized SBLC: ( 7-10 Banking Days). We have helped many international businesses across the globe with immense satisfaction for our clients all around the world. If you require any advice or guidance on your financing requirement, please contact us; Alper@DevBondUSA.com

DevBond USA aims to be a center of excellence for financing and infrastructure development at affordable levels using alternative funding approaches. Committed to our vision of Building a World of Difference, we are Innovative and consistently raise the bar with our process and technology, which allows us to provide innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. New alternative financing founded in best practices enables us to meet and fulfill our purpose. DevBond USA strives to be a leading private sector infrastructure company globally with a strong balance sheet and tremendous access to the capital markets raising liquidity in the form of both debt and equity without any dependence on third-party financial support. DevBond USA’s capabilities are unique in being an advisor, project owner, manager, financier, and strategic partner. We have established a highly reputable track record in meeting its mission statement backed by successful projects sponsored by our company that allow it to have significant financial flexibility. DevBond USA is involved in providing thought leadership on various developing countries’ economic and developmental issues through participation in white papers and global forums where such topics are discussed and contemplated. DevBond USA as a center of excellence for financing and infrastructure development at affordable levels using alternatives approaches. 

 Also, for any SBLC/BG/CASH – Transactions, you will have to share details of the transaction (Amount, Tenor, Type of Financial Instruments, Underlying Goods/Project etc.), so that we can check with the foreign banks for available limits and their acceptance and quote for the specific transaction. There is a verification process to validate the authenticity of each instrument so only Clients with valid Instruments should apply. $100 Million USD Minimum and up. Please contact us with the particulars of your Instrument and we would be glad to provide the steps to success.

WHY DevBond USA : 

Deep Industry knowledge and experience: We understand how important your future is to you, and this is why we do everything that it takes to make your endeavors a success. DevBond USA has 20 years as a professional trade finance home has made advances in different finance Instrument lease and sales, project financing, refinance, and loan agreements. DevBond USA team has a long record of experiences making our involvement in your career more than just financial. Monetizing bank instruments is the process of liquidating financial instruments by converting them into legal tender. We can monetize on just about any bank instrument to be used for project funding, move them into various trading platforms around the world, who will leverage the face value of the instrument or offset it against an active credit line which allows the trader to draw down from their cash is placed into trade which produces the capital to finance various development projects. 

At the end, we all know Time is Money, your happiness and success story is our Company’s Success story. At this level you want to Partner up and work with someone you can Trust, who can give you personal attention on your projects and Real Fast Results year after year. We always deliver for our clients, business partners, and friends. Thank you for your interest. 

Alper T. Sozudogru Alper@DevBondUSA.com Tel; 713 256 6160 USA 

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